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I found a funny video that speaks about the famous Ipad


ipad reviews

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Quake III Arena Ported to Apple iPad, Runs at 60 FPS.
Apple iPad is received very well by many people and Apple has sold more than 300,000 iPads on the first day. Apple iPad is available in 2 models – iPad WiFi and iPad WiFi + 3G and has got very good number of features one would expect in a Tablet. There are also many Games that you can play on the iPad and one enthusiastic Developer has ported Quake III Arena to run on the iPad.

The above video shows Quake III Arena on iPad. Quake III Arena is used as a benchmark to see how well computers can handle games. A developer has ported Quake III Arena to run on the iPad and the game runs at 60 fps. So with this we can hope that atleast some of the fantastic PC games will soon be ported to iPad.


Sursa : Techhail

virus barrier x6

VirusBarrier X6, primul antivirus si firewall pentru Apple iPad, iPhone 3G si  iPod Touch

Only VirusBarrier X6 provides comprehensive protection from malware and network threats. VirusBarrier X6 is the only antivirus program for Mac that includes full anti-malware protection together with firewall, network protection, anti-phishing, anti-spyware features and more.

Antivirus features:

* Detects and eliminates all known Mac viruses and malware
* Scans files for Windows and Unix viruses
* Protects against spyware and Trojan horses
* Protects against adware, hacker tools, dialers, keyloggers and more
* Repairs infected files
* Real-time and on-demand virus scanning
* Quarantine Zone to isolate infected files
* Trusted Zone to disable Real-Time scanning on selected files or folders
* Heuristic and behavioral analysis
* Blocks virus execution
* Detailed logging for scan analysis
* Full logs can be saved and exported
* Scans can be scheduled at multiple times
* Scans can be run automatically when external volumes are mounted
* Scans can run automatically after virus definition updates
* Command-line control for remote scans
* Scans compressed files and archives
* Archive scanning can be activated by archive type
* Scanning for Windows viruses can be deactivated
* Scans for malware on the iPad, iPhone and the iPod touch
* Suspicious file analysis by the Intego Virus Monitoring Center
* Contextual menu for quick scans of files, folders or volumes
* Turbo Mode technology for faster scans
* Choice of alerts (voice, dialog or e-mail)
* File analysis from the Dock
* Runs in the background

Personal Firewall features:

* Controls incoming and outgoing TCP/IP traffic and data
* Protects against all kinds of intrusions
* Protects against network attacks
* Protects against ping floods, port scans, and more
* Offers preset or customizable firewall rules
* Simple and advanced firewall modes
* Multiple customized firewall modes can be defined
* Stop list and Trusted group store friendly and malicious IP addresses
* Offers a choice of defense policies, with advanced options for intrusion protection
* Individualized security policies for network attack prevention
* Alerts inform users of attacks, and offer several options to react to them
* Configurations can be set for specific network settings or locations
* Networks can be defined by MAC address
* Thorough list of TCP/UDP Ports
* Full logs allow users to audit all network activity
* Stores logs in the Apple system log facility
* Offers individual cookie control
* Blocks ad banners
* Safeguards personal information
* Hides browser and platform information

Download only trial : Intego
apple antivirus

antivirus for apple ipad

ipad bacon case

E de porc. Ba nu, e de vita. Ba nu, e de mistret. In nici un caz, e iPad Bacon Case !

Sigur sunt ca de cum ati vazut poza ati spus ca langa gratar merge si un pahar de vin rosu.

E, nu e chiar asa si eu m-am pacalit un pic la inceput dar, se pare ca acesta este doar o simpla husa pentru faimosul recent aparut Apple iPad.

Are un pret cam piperat totusi 59$ !

Va las sa va delectati cu imaginile de mai jos si tot mai jos o sa gasiti si link-ul sursa.
case ipad
ipad bacon case

Sursa: Etsy

Hai la iPad neamule, vino repede ca e gratuit 😛 .

Cum sa navighezi pe internet de pe un iPad fara sa deti unul.

Da un click sa vezi ce simplu este. Link

ipad free

Precomanda pentru iPad a inceput oficial in dimineata aceste zile si se pare ca in primele 2 ore s-ar fi vandut 51,000 de mii de bucati.
Din alte surse se vorbeste ca in prima zi ei ar fi vandut in jurul a 120,000 de bucati.
Multi sunt inca cu semnul de intrebare in a face sau nu precomanda.

Apple opens the iPad pre-order

Appel a inceput sa accepte precomenzile pentru mult asteptatul Apple iPad , doar ca celor ce doresc sa faca precomanda li sa pus o restrictie : maxim  2 bucati de client.

Nu stiu de ce au facut asta dar ma gandesc ca este doar un joc comercial ,sau  le e frica ca raman fara produse intr-o singura noapte ?

Se pare ca cei care au astaptat sa apara se vor putea bucura de ea cat mai curand. Tablet-ul iPad va avea lansarea pe 3 aprilie in Statele Unite anunta compania americana.

Pentru cei ce doresc sa vada preturile pentru a isi face o idee avem o lista mai jos.

Preturile pentru Romania probabil (mai mult ca sigur) vor fi umflate  cu cel putin 50 euro in plus.

Modelele Wi-Fi  vor fi puse in vazare mai devreme in cursul unei zile de sambata, in timp ce modelele care vor avea Wi-Fi + 3G vor aparea mai taziu tot in aceeasi luna.Cei ce doresc sa cumpere pot face precomanda pe site-ul Apple incepand cu data de 12 martie.(Atentie doar pentru Statele Unite)

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