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fifa online 2010EA has launched the public beta of FIFA Online !

Today EA launched the worldwide public beta of FIFA Online, a free downloadable version of the famous soccer franchise.
Following in the footsteps of the recently launched PGA Tour Online game, EA is expanding its free-to-play model in a major way. FIFA Online features 28 licensed leagues, 500 clubs, and more than 15,000 players in a League Mode that enables fans to manage and compete as their favorite soccer club.

“Soccer fans have helped drive the game’s evolution and development through our testing period and now we are ready to share the game with a much larger audience,” said Executive Producer Kaz Makita. “The FIFA World Cup attracts casual soccer fans all over the world and we are inviting them to try a free soccer game they can play at work or home and win the FIFA World Cup virtually.”

EA said it plans to release the full game in stages over the next 12 to 24 months, first across Europe and then North America.

Download : FIFA Online Public Beta Here

fifa 2010

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EA just gave you another reason to purchase Nokia N8.
Need for Speed Shift uses accelerometer, Sims 3 utilises multitouch, Monopoly can use the accelerometershake and roll the dice.

nfs on nokia

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Altitude game is 2-D aerial combat game on the internet.
Altitude combines Call-of-Duty style perks with the gameplay variety of Team Fortress 2 in a fresh multiplayer experience.

System Requirements :
OS: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Processor: 1.0 GHz
Memory: 256 MB
Graphics: 64 MB VRAM
Hard Drive: 300 MB of free space

Download : Altitude Game


All-in-1 Games is compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone, and the iPad; the OS requirement is iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
All-in-1 Games by PlayMesh is a collection of 8 games which can be played online.

1. Link4: Connect four colored pieces in a row to win.
2. Dots: The classic paper and pencil box making game.
3. Chess: The classic game of Kings and Queens.
4. Checkers: Jump to collect your opponent’s pieces; the last to survive wins.
5. Mancala: The oldest African board game still played today.
6. Reversi: The strategic board game of flipping tiles.
7. Tic-Tac-Toe: Connect three X’s or O’s in a row to win.
8. Roshambo: Rock Paper Scissor SHOOT.

If you are looking for the next great game go at the App Store

games for iphoneipad games

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Mektek.net distribute Mechwarrior 4 with free to all PC gamers.
The new version brings with it an offline mode, allowing you to install games and updates when the web servers are down. A critical flaw in our design pattern has been addressed where MTX would fail when our servers went down. There are risks involved with installing and updating in offline mode as the client can’t verify the files to make sure they haven’t become corrupted, but it does give you the option if you wish to install when the web server is unavailable. If the files are corrupted, you will have to re-download and reinstall in order to connect to servers running the correct version. If you already obtained the MTX patches else where then you should be able to download and install those patches with MTX by using the Browse > Open *.mtx function.

Download : Mechwarrior 4 ( 1.7 GB ).
Mechwarrior 4 1

Pe 27 iulie, RTS-ul produs de Blizzard, Starcraft 2 va începe să se comercializeze in intreaga lume. Pentru doritori, DVD-ul Starcraft 2 costă 199,90 RON si il puteti gasi in magazinul virtual Gameshop.ro iar daca faceti precomanda o sa primiti CdKey pentru versiunea Beta

starcraft 2

Download Steam for Mac Client Now and Get Portal for Free Until May 24th!!

Steam for Mac is now available for everyone. Portal is available for completely free and there is a considerable list of around 60 titles alreayd available for the Mac!

The list with game steam for mac :

Peggle Deluxe
Bejeweled 2 Deluxe
Bookworm Deluxe
Escape Rosecliff Island
Civilization IV: Warlords
Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword
Sid Meier’s Civilization: Colonization
Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Complete Edition
BRAINPIPE: A Plunge to Unhumanity
Chuzzle Deluxe
TriJinx: A Kristine Kross Mystery
World of Goo
Zuma Deluxe
Sid Meier’s Civilization IV
And Yet It Moves
Diaper Dash®
Football Manager 2010
Bob Came in Pieces
Parking Dash
The Nightshift Code
Nightshift Legacy: The Jaguar’s Eye
Mahjong Roadshow
Hotel Dash Suite Success
DinerTown Detective Agency
Fitness Dash
Gemini Lost
Atlantis Sky Patrol
Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse
Galcon Fusion
Toki Tori
Valerie Porter and the Scarlet Scandal
Fairway Solitaire
Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery
Unwell Mel
My Tribe
Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack
Wandering Willows
Wedding Dash 2: Rings Around the World
Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child
Diner Dash: Hometown Hero
Cooking Dash
Chocolatier: Decadence by Design
LUXOR: Mah Jong
The Dig
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
City of Heroes: Architect Edition
Peggle Nights
Luxor 3

To grab the public Steam for Mac client click HERE ! !!
steam for mac client

alien arena 2010Alien Arena 2010 has been released for Windows and Linux.
Alien Arena is a multiplayer online deathmatch game based on the GPL id source code.

Features :

# New maps
# New weapon models
# Antilag bugfixes
# Improvements to the renderer
# A variety of gameplay changes and tweaks
# Security and memory bugfixes
# Revamped menu

To see  the complete changelog click here

Download : Alien Arena 2010 for Windows

Download : Alien Arena for Linux/Unix


alien arena

starcraft 2 pro online free

Starcraft 2 Pro is a free online game, much more simpler, better graphics and a much more direct approach when it comes to strategy.

Play Starcraft 2 Pro Tower Defense Here


Valve has just announced that the next version of Steam, its digital distribution and social networking service is now available.
The new Steam UI is here, which enhances the way you already buy and play games, adding more info about the things that matter — getting games, playing them with friends, and staying current in the gaming world.

If you haven’t already updated, you can use the “Check for Steam client updates” option on the “File” menu to automatically update Steam to the new release.


Download: Click here

Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K Games, promised an aggressive DLC campaign for BioShock 2, and the developer is delivering. After bringing new characters and upgrades to the underwater utopia turned nightmare with the Sinclair Solutions pack, the Rapture Metro pack includes new maps, masks, and a new mode.

Rapture Metro features six new multiplayer maps based on levels from the single-player campaign, including Siren Alley and Dionysus Park. Players will be able to wreak havoc the old fashioned way on the maps in a new game mode, Kill ‘Em Kindly, which is a melee-weapon-only slug fest.
bioshok 2

“Downloadable content is a key part of our efforts to continue to entice the fans that have made 2K a household name — we intend to deliver single and multiplayer content that respects and expands upon one of the greatest fictional worlds ever created,” Hartmann said in a statement after the BioShock 2’s big launch.

Two new masks, a higher level cap, and three new achievements are also included. The Rapture Metro pack will be available “soon” on Xbox Live and Games for Windows Live for 800 Microsoft Points and on the PlayStation Network for $9.99.

Sursa : gamespy

One of the most anticipated game title of the year has finally arrived on the iPhone and iPod touch. Gameloft’s Iron Man 2 brings the magic of the superhero film, based on the Marvel comics character named “Iron Man”. Here is a quick look at all the features that the game offers.

Iron Man 2 is now available in the App Store (Non-US, International Only) for NZ $9.99 for the iPhone and iPod touch. An iPad optimized version will hopefully follow soon. US App Store availability will be made in the first week of May. You can download it through the link given below.

Download Iron Man 2 for iPhone and iPod touch [iTunes Link – International Only]

iron man 2

iron man

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Un nou joc de la EA Gameslord of ultima

Lord of Ultima is an online strategy game where you build your own unique city and play with thousands of other players. Join now and rule a mighty empire which you can access from wherever and whenever you want.

All you need to enter is a normal web browser…

Play Here

Mai jos aveti cateva imagini din jos si un video.

ea games
lord of ultima ea games

modern warfare 2

Pentru pasionati de jocuri,  doar in acest weekend aveti ocazia sa jucati doar de pe steam gratuit Modern Warfare 2 ! ! !

Pentru a afla cum nu ramane decat sa accesati acest link si binenteles sa aveti un cont de steam, daca nu aveti unul puteti oricand sa va faceti un cont gratuit  de steam pe aceasta adresa , iar pentru a descarca steam intra aici .

call of duty modern warfare 2

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