Steam for Linux

Posted on: April 24, 2010

Gaming on Linux?

That’s not something we hear every day just yet, but it looks like the good folks at Valve might be considering a penguin revolution.
steam for linux

This is a line of code which is no where to be found within the Windows version of Steam, and gives us a funny feeling that Steam for Linux will be announced soon, if not shortly following the full release of the Mac version. Hit the jump for proof that Steam for Linux could be right around the corner, after seeing for ourselves the luscious Mac version of the client, we would be more than happy to see Valve hitting all platforms.


# figure out the absolute path to the script being run a bit
# non-obvious, the ${0%/*} pulls the path out of $0, cd’s into the
# specified directory, then uses $PWD to figure out where that
# directory lives – and all this in a subshell, so we don’t affect
# $PWD

STEAMROOT=$(cd “${0%/*}” && echo $PWD)

#determine platform
if [ “$UNAME” == “Darwin” ]; then
# prepend our lib path to LD_LIBRARY_PATH
elif [ “$UNAME” == “Linux” ]; then
# prepend our lib path to LD_LIBRARY_PATH

if [ -z $STEAMEXE ]; then

ulimit -n 2048

# and launch steam

while [ $STATUS -eq 42 ]; do
# are we running osx?
if [ $STATUS -eq 42 -a ${PLATFORM} == “osx32” -a -f Info.plist ]; then
# are we running from in a bundle?
exec open “${STEAMROOT}”/../..
exit $STATUS

If you hit this link, you’ll be treated to the following:


“version” “1271984910”
“file” “public_all.zip.6b056705ffb372d14f7e3a6a276ec23f0a37700b”
“checksum” “6b056705ffb372d14f7e3a6a276ec23f0a37700b”
“size” “10880093”
“file” “skins_all.zip.6a58428db616736d79a3374ba75abd29e2c1276f”
“checksum” “6a58428db616736d79a3374ba75abd29e2c1276f”
“size” “5695”
“file” “bins_linux.zip.232c70b3e732009cab1858499ca4f1c92ffd7367”
“checksum” “232c70b3e732009cab1858499ca4f1c92ffd7367”
“size” “13184210”
“file” “steam_linux.zip.52367793a26b83abc84871770277e1b8d77608bc”
“checksum” “52367793a26b83abc84871770277e1b8d77608bc”
“size” “1413845”
“IsBootstrapperPackage” “1”
“linux” “325b92ba99a3130084a38bdca2c2faec98378ba291ff267717e0bb546c9f98fb8

Things are certainly looking mighty fishy over at Steam right now,should only be a matter of time before an announcement

Sursa :Engadget


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nice post. thanks.

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